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WHY am I always late these days ?
Ok so, welcome back everyone - I know, it's been a month ! anyway, no more useless (c)hit-chat, we have so much to catch up. So, in order of appearance, the Antidote shop was the first. Let's talk a little bit about this, shall we ?

When Antidote showed up for the first time, I thought that this was a very promising shop. It was limited but not so expensive, and it had a real arty editorial line. But now, with all its up and down collections, I'm not sure what this is about. For instance, arty isn't the moto of the shop if you look at its last collection.
In fact, it looks more like a wedding (be careful, there's most likely going to be a divorce after that - L.O.L.) between aviation and military and nightclubs. The quality of the things is good and I'm happy on that side. But I think I need more fun things (like that Jeremy Scott collection I missed or this fox fur) ; this is a little "boring" for Antidote...

Anyway, this is what I bought - yeah, there's a lot. I fell in love with that green shirt and the bomber jacket ; but I'm not sure about that denim dress-thing... But I'm having ideas for it ! The rest is more for a basics renewal, nothing special about it.

NOW, outfits ;
I couldn't use everything - I'm still a lazy person hehe. 

1. Try not to use the Cheap Monday boots, try not to use the Cheap Monday boots, try not to use the Cheap Monday boots - Antidote stars shirt + klein skirt and some not Cheap Monday boots.
2. Is that snake skin on the pockets ? - Antidote skirt + bomber jacket.
3. I just can't get enough of that shirt those boots - Antidote leopard shirt and those Cheap Monday boots because I do whatever I want anyway.
4. The return of the graphic designer, with a bigger portfolio - Antidote denim shirt + portfolio bag.

That's all folks
for the first Antidote review
of this blog ;)

Hope you're all ok,



  1. (c)hit-chat -> TOO GOOD!
    and well for being a lazy person you do quite a nice job (perfect job, would be the word). The graphic designer must have very important projects and a lot of projects on there btw! Lovely outfits (the first one is my total favorite, sooo cuuuute! oh well, and the second too! :D)

    1. haha I have to watch my language :D
      I wish we could all make a decent amont of money out of SD themed blog rambling :D yeah, making money over me making fun of graphic designer (hope you're not one of them) !
      AND THANK YOU. Hope you'll be mesmerized by my talents in the next cycle *winnnnnnk*


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