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This could have been a totally pointless article, but I actually want to share here what I call a small relief. I finally succeeded in finding the PERFECT pair of stilettos. Like : perfect shape, perfect color, perfect height
They came in the last Young Hollywood release. I'm not sure about this edition. Named as "the MET one", it was supposed to gather some great outfits spotted at this event. The SD batch was OK, but I wish that some of my favorites were actually in it.

I ended up buying a handful of things : that gown with stars which looks so silky, two cropped top with long sleeves because why not, and THOSE STILETTOS.

Here's how I styled those. I am not going to show the gown since it's itself already an outfit. It's not really MET themed, but I love how "fierce" it turned out !

1. Persephone - YH top, Celine skirt and a certain pair of boots goddammit
2. Diane - YH top, Celine skirt (wait, what ?), Prada purse and Saint Laurent carpet fur.
3. Juno - YH stilettos, the rest doesn't matter, yeah really...

Anyway, what did you got ?
How do you feel about
that MET event ?

x M.


  1. I LOVE the three of them! But if I have to pick a favourite one that would be the third (Juno). That's perfection right there! ;)

    1. oh thanks a bunch Judith ;) haha I think that this is because of those shoes ! I'm so in love with them !

  2. Oh shit! I was about to buy the stilettos and finally I was like nah I have a very similar pair... And now I regret it!!! They do look perfect! I ended up buying the Adriana Lima crop top. It's not ugly but I wore it one time and I'm already bored! Love the beige crop top but it was sold out when I logged in. Typical...

    Amazing outfits! Just for not picking the same as Judith I will go with the second (Juno is certainly perfect, but Diane as well 😍). I should have bought that carpet, oops, meaning fur too 😉


    1. haha I'm so picky when it comes to stilettos ! There used to be a bunch at YH that were good but I missed them all.. and I was waiting for a chance to put my hands on such good ones ! I felt the same about that Lima shirt, like this is good but what am I going to do with this ? but I'm sure I'll regret not buying this later :D apparently SAP is coming tomorrow, but I have no faith in this shop anymore..
      haha and THANKS for liking this, it's a bit off my tracks (number 1 is more like me) so your compliment is truly warming my heart #romance ! and no big deal with the carpet, it's poor quality I have no idea why I'm using this (the shade is good but the rest is meh) !



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