This is mid-june and this is last month's hot buys edition. Haha, better late than never right ?
So, this edition was taken from Dolce & Gabbana's collections, and this is very faithful to the brand : floral, laced and feminine shaped. I must say that I love when an hot buys collection is inspired by a designer : I feel like this is more logical as something to look up for the rest of the month (remember Aprils' ones, still don't get it do you ?), and this is like a little Tribute goodie before the Tribute season !

Anyway, I thought that I won't buy a lot since Dolce & Gabbana isn't really "my thing", but I must admit that there were a bunch of interesting things that emptied my wallet in a minute.

Here's what I bought :
- the shift dress : this pattern is everything and its shape will allow me to use it also as a skirt.
- the roses heels : they look like a masterpiece since the shape is high and narrow (perfect).
- the earrings : they look summery as h*ll.
- the embellished pants : love its denim color and the embroidery isn't tacky.
- the shoulder bag : there are orange and daisies on it, period.
- the headpiece : the must-have of this batch, ideal to glamorize every outfit.

Jumping to the outfits : every item is used here. I actually wanted to change my doll's wig to give it an Italian vibe or something more caliente, but I'm truly massively in love with this Sorigugu's hairstyle. I'm definitely rooting for her for this stardesigner competition to come !

Anyway, let's take a dip in these "PLEASE SUMMER, WHERE ARE YOU" outfits (it's rainy where I am, everything is ruined by this June's weather. I hate this weather. Do I need to be more specific about it ? I despite it)

1. Me ? Come on, I just picked the first shirt I found in my wardrobe. It's not even clean. - D&G earrings + dress skirt.
2. I recycled this outfit from Roland Garros to watch the Euro Cup, hope you don't mind... - D&G pants.
3. The graphic designer's mother/boss/coworker-enemy - D&G heels.
4. I'm preparing myself to an undercover trip to Italy. No one must know. - D&G headpiece and bag.

Ok, we're done now.
Stay hydrated,



  1. Hahahahahahahah I can't! hahahah still my favorite part is the names of the outfits! loving everything thoug!
    Sooooo I think it's good to have hotbuys-designer insired as you said, despite I just bought the silver sandals cause.... i think im a basic b*tch (oops). Not a fan of D&G either, but i love the feeling of the ads they do. So, good luck with the weather up there, and if summer is still not coming you can always come to spain, we have plenty of sun ;) and then you can practice even more your spanish hahah

    Marry me already okay!?!? I'm saying it everytime hahah

    1. Hehe I have not idea where this is going.. actually I like to mock things a bit so it might come from that !
      Glad you liked it ! I wasn't sure about those sandals but I feel like I'll have an urge to own them as soon as they won't be available in plaza :D and it's ok to feel that way. Fabulous is the key. But Fab Bayatches are loud. Basic Bayatches are better. HAHA !
      I wish this collection was more "Sicilian widow" actually, but eh, I'm no editorialist, just a pixel junkie :D
      I should definitely visit Spain more often, architecture is beautiful and the weather.. ugh I'm jealous ! I'm still wearing my coat in France !



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