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yep, just an update for those wondering why I'm a ghost these days.
I've done some last minute trips around beautiful Europe recently, and I must admit I didn't take my computer with me.. and I'm in the middle of nowhere this week, which means I'm currently hiding in my car in a McDonald parking lot because it's the only way I can get some decent wifi in a 20km area (truly, you'd laugh at me if you'd see me right now). I'm not an addicted person at all..
But stay tuned, I'm preparing some things and I'll totally be back in August with full beautiful internet.

So enjoy your holidays or your summer job or your job (I'm sorry for you, but stay strong) !
Cheers pumpkins xx


  1. I was wondeing what happened to you hahaha! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and come back soon!We miss you!

    1. :D summer holidays are always complicated.. I actually never know what will happen ! I miss this community so much tho when I was away.. and it must be thanks to you, you're the sweetest Jenna :3 x


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