SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 1.

Guess who's back !
Ok, so as I am in my villa on the seaside, internet isn't the best ; but I definitely need to comment what's going on. 
AS YOU MAY KNOW, FM-style's cycle 12 just began. No need to brag for ages about that : street style, competition, talent ; you get the picture. And I'm a contestant AGAIN ! So you may read a lot about this on the blog for at least a couple of months. I won't anticipate the posts, which means that I will do the task and wait for the feedback of the judges. Then I'll explain everything here, because I really want to detail all the process of my outfits and I'm afraid that this might be too long to post that with the entry - I don't know if I was clear here, sorry about that !

So, without further do, let's begin !

Back to sleep
soft kitty warm kitty...

I spotted that négligé trend, but without really getting interested in it. Since it's about wearing underwear as casual clothing, I must say that dealing with such a piece is composing with a statement. And here are the two dresses that we had to style :

I had several ideas in mind. Since it's about night gowns and I am a true novice in that category, I thought about those strappy dresses from the 90's that I used to wear to sleep when I was younger. I also remembered of some Alexa Chung outfits I could use as an inspiration.

I couldn't choose between the two dresses, so I used them both. I added the Saint Laurent blazer to give them structure and a bunch of lacy bras to give some deepness to the clivage. But I wasn't sure about staying in that black & white vibe so I added a fur vest and a clutch both in crimson. The toughest part was in the shoes choice ; it was either bold or cool. And I don't know how, but while scrolling through the pages of my wardrobe, I came across those Dior ones, that are definitely stealing the "statement piece" effect for themselves.

Here are the judges opinions ; I got 9.5, making this the highest mark I had since I started competing in the club !

And finally, I need to underline some outfits I adored ! 
When we got the judges examples, I was flabbergasted by Rawan's outfit ! It's extra white and extra lacy and yet so simple ! 
And if I had to choose from the other contestants (it was tough !), I guess I'll go for Marta. I love the sporty vibe and the different shades of grey !

That's it for this task !
Who was your favorite ?
Hope you enjoyed it,



  1. Your outfit and Marta's outfits were definitely my favorites. I saw both and my jaw dropped to the floor!!!

  2. yay! I was hoping you would post about your first task! I love to see your insides! Good work! Your entry was amazing you deserved winning the task ;)

    1. I still can believe it ! I hope I'll do as good as this one for the next task ;) but that was a good challenge, thanks Judith ;)


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