A lifetime after its release, here comes the HOTBUYS review for June. So, I thought that switching to a previous year would be something very occasional, but apparently, this won't be the case. I have no idea on how I feel about this month's release. I only got a couple of things : that Fendi head scarf - which I can't make into an outfit because I can't think of interesting ways to compose with it, and that Isabel Marant bikini top, which is absolutely awesome but.. not worth an outfit.
I can't say that I'm properly as disappointed as I was in April. I loved the patterns of the poncho and the dress, but their shapes make me unable to work with it (a poncho ? really ?). Same with the swimsuit : it would have been great to use it with sheer clothing, but that golden thing in the middle ? meh... And that long skirt. I was waiting for one of those for a long time ; but I don't get it. The gather on the knee ? too bohemian, too 2000's (and I'm not ready for this). But maybe I'll regret not buying it later... And the rest doesn't need further argumentation.

So, that brings us to the 2015 release. Straight from Hilfiger's runaway, this is a very summery release that SD offered us. But this isn't the only thing that popped into my mind when I first saw the teaser picture. I feel a little bit of a Bowie vibe here ; and I think I'm not the only one since SD named a couple of things from this release with Bowish words.

Here's what I got :
- the crochet vest : very hippyish, very summerish and kind of epic.
- the Bowie swimsuit : even if the colors are odd, it looks still very versatile and fun to work with.
- the Bowie belt : low-waisted, black and gold, in a nutshell it's a good staple.
- the Bowie boots : they are cute and I'm weak.

It took me two weeks to compose outfits ; I had no inspiration whatsoever. And then, last night, I don't really know what happened. Maybe you'll see this as brain vomit, but the more I look at them, the more I enjoy their oddness. Perhaps it's the Bowie vibe or me just being annoyed with my non-creative styling abilities, but the batch I'm introducing to you kinda shows some sort of nervous breakdown. Also, I figured out after doing my montage that the outfits weren't in the order I wanted to present them. I was bored and I just flipped the image. I hope this won't be too odd for you ; actually, I think it's giving a new energy to my doll and maybe some kind of sassy expression.. I don't know.

1. I'm off to the beach ; no I can't take another bag, and what do you mean by "sand" ? HB vest and D&G bag.
2. BEACH PRRTY ! No, I don't need drug, I need style. HB bikini, Marc Jacobs flats & Chanel bib.
3. What beach ? I live in the city, I work. Go away. HB belt, Zuhair Murad top & Alexander Wang blazer.
4. Beach is overrated, sand is annoying and sun burns. Wait, is there an open bar ? ok I'm coming. HB boots & Sonia Rykiel top.

So, what did you get ?
(and I leave you with some Hilfiger SS15)
cheers & enjoy !


  1. Oh woah! Amazing as always!
    Can't write much cause I'm on study break and it must had finished like half an our ago, but still here I am. Anyway, from June 2016, only got the necklace. And because one time something was missing in my outfit so I had to run and buy it, I would have never considered in any other case. Sadly, from June 2015 I got nothing... I don't know what I was doing but really, nothing! And it's such a pity because I love what you did there with your nervous breakdown! Don't you want some drugs? I'm studying a bunch of them haha FML -__-

    1. haha you flawless beauty ! be courageous for your work then, I used to work on summer and I hated it because the office I was in didn't have A/C - although it was cold outside, it was always hot as in an oven inside.. Northern French heating logic here, don't ask me why !
      Yeah I see what you mean with this necklace, I was confuse on how I should get it or not.. but I felt like it didn't bring a new thing to my closet so..
      haha too bad ! actually, those are impossible to work with but they look really fun ! and yeah but I shouldn't probably do that, I've got some natural ones in my blood already (which is good because drugs are expensive !).. L.O.O.O.O.L. :D
      STAY STRONG MY DEAR FIANCEE, aaaaand money will follow wink wink wink xx


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