SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 2.

Ready for your FM-style cycle 12 update ? why am I even asking, I don't give you the choice HAHAHAHAHA.

la vie en rose
quand il me prend dans ses bras...

There is a million things that I instinctively thought about while reading the task description. First : not a big fan of the pink. Second : "Yay!" to a new challenge. Third : what am I going to do with it ?
I haven't got a precise idea about the color itself, but I had in mind what I wanted the outfit to look like : it has to be some kind of punkish ballerina.

Couple of things popped into my head. First, North West's birthday outfit - which I adored and made me wish I was a child again so I could wear this ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. It's non-agressive pink and it's super cute. This became then "outfit goal #1". Moreover, I've recently binge-watched the Scandinavian series "Bron-Broen" (The Bridge, season 2), and I loved the character of Laura. She is that smart but tormented young woman with a sleek bun and this huge fur coat ; I instantly fell in love with her look.

But having some inspirational goals wasn't enough. So I made a quick research to find the perfect idea of a pink outfit using those guidelines. I have mostly found that the more pale-powdered the pink was, the softer and pleasant the outfit turned out to be. Thus, using this kind of shade allows to go a bit more crazy on the pattern, textures or material composing the outfit. I knew then where I wanted to put the accent : definitely not on the pink, but on the pink. Get what I mean ;)

Runway inspirations
(Gucci & Ralph Lauren)

Streetstyle inspirations

I did a first try with some bright neon pink. I needed to do that to be sure I didn't feel wrong. I loved the idea of layering and I've found that those two jackets were a perfect match, but that was still too raw. Then I tried a new version of MØ's "I don't wanna dance" outfit and it felt just perfectly right. The outfit has this ballerina vibe and looks messy in an effortless way. I love how the scarf gives it an instant chic touch. So I submitted #2.

So, what have the judges thought about it ?

I didn't look at the scored board while I discovered the judges' reactions - don't ask me why (I'm on the moon these days..). I was like "good ! that sounds positive ! let's see my ranking". AND BAM ! 9.9, I mean - I had a bonus point but COME ON ! ok, so I'm still on top - my brain turned into mashed potatoes for a moment. But then I realized : nothing good can happen next. I have to stay focused..

Anyway, let me introduce you my favorite outfits from this task.
On the judges' bench, we have Mireia : I love how she managed to use that blush pink more than I did - aaaah, those Isabel Marant pants ! And on the contestant's one, there is Jovana's outfit : it's so far from everything I could have imagine, I love how she paired the pink with everything but black. Beautiful !

I think we are done now, 
so stay tuned,
and praise MØ.



  1. Is great seeing your inspirations for each task! *.*

    PS: will you get the bonus point in task 3 again? YOU GO GIRL!!! haha :D

    1. hahaha looks like someone else has a "bonus point" ticket now (wink wink) :D
      happy you like it ! your outfits are soooooooo goooooooood ! I really want to see you go in finals ;) x

  2. Hahahahha I agree with Marta really interesting seeing your research before the outfit it's like: "oooh it all makes sense now" ahhahahha! Anyway funny story i have in real life the last coat of the your street style inspiration! hahahahhah it's from zara and it was actually very cheap! so funny seeing it between your inspiration!

    1. oh my god ! I was (and I'm still) looking for it ! you lucky girl ;)
      and glad you enjoy my ramblings ! sometimes it seems a little too much for just an outfit but.. I can't help it :D


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