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You have no idea how many unfinished articles are queuing in this blog's matrice, waiting for their release. If I may chat a little bit here with you, I must say that this last month Hotbuys release is giving me a true hard time. Still, I also have a commitment to fulfill regarding that last tribute season.
So, without more rambling - sorry but this is mainly the point of this blog after all - let me introduce you the Alexander McQueen tribute store. What can I say ? I have a thing for Alexander McQueen : it's just pure poetry - wait.. haven't I said that before ? But let's be serious for a moment and admire the quality of this fashion empire's work.

But for me, McQueen isn't all about those complicated and almost casually unwearable outfits. I had mixed feelings about that Museum Mile release from quite some time ago - I still had in mind that fabulous Tingeling Halloween first edition tho. So if I had to expect something from that designer, it would have been its funny hats and tartans from 2006 (correct me if I'm wrong).

Still, you know me, I bought a ton of things. The coats were absolutely gorgeous (especially that belted one) ; I got the powdered pink one for 2sd in the bazaar.. still wondering why/how/what happened to that poor little thing.. The dresses are pure McQueen and the shoes are some good staples. I'm not super duper happy but I'm not that disappointed either.

Anyway, time for some styling !

1. I stole that necklace idea from ildg ; there, I said it - McQueen coat + Dior necklace & trousers.
2. Still can't make a difference between a powdered pink butterfly and a moth - McQueen dress + Dior pumps + Prada purse.
3. I need more medals so we can't see those knee holes - McQueen coat + Alice and Olivia hat.

So, how did you feel about this shop ?
Did you buy any ?
until next time :



  1. Love the outfits!!!! :O Specially the third one, and I admire the second one so much! I love how you add those couture pieces into everyday outfits really. This tribute season may have left you with a long queue of posts, but I certainly love reading those!

    I just bought the pink coat on bazaar as well, for like 6 sd. I don't understand either what happened?¿? Was it free? I don't get it, it's cute!

    1. haha that's a wink to your "gift-o-meter" series ! but I'm not sure that I'm as committed as you were.. and thanks for the compliments, but you know you basically do the same in your outfits ;)
      We need to investigate. This kind of thing is disturbing.. and it's not that bad ! but I'm confused !
      ah and I'm jealous right now because I can't type those inverted question mark as you can. They are beautiful. I wish I was Spanish just for those inverted question marks.. :D


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