SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 8.

I have to hurry myself a little bit before task 9's results come out !

seven nation army
I'm gonna fight 'hem all !

I'm a huuuuuuuge White Stripes fan, like Elephant is the only CD allowed in my car. Besides, army is always a great theme to work with ! I used to have a military jacket when I was in high school and I always thought it was the coolest ever ! This was this nostalgia that inspired me first. Also, I've already mentioned that I have a thing for the Scandinavian show Bron-Broen ; and the main character's (Sagaaaaaaaa) coat is just a piece to die for ! I also added a little pinch of Chung and my mind was ready to create.

I went step by step. First, I could only compose something very "officer" like, with embroidery and details. But it was already "deja-vu" for me. Then, I tried some mocking-vibe outfit, with peace symbols but I wasn't confortable with that yellow-golden color. Both of these outfits were army-ish but not army-army.
So I cleared up my mind and started from scratch again ; a new hairdo, a bunch of accessories and the best khaki tones I can come up with. I think that the Timberland shoes give the main idea of the outfit ; and I loved to balance them with some tribal-inspired jewelry. My doll is a soldier, but like on the rebel side, as if she was roaming the maquis for quite some time ! My entry was therefore #3.

Here are the judges commentaries :

Still in the competition ! I still feel like, while reading the judges commentaries, that my outfit was too approximate. I have to focus a little more ; I think that what went wrong here was the baggy side of the outfit ; I definitely can't master that technic..

Anyway, here is my little shoutout !
On the judges bench, I loved Rawan's outfit ! I think that what caught my eyes was those shades of khaki : they look so soft ! On the contestant's bench, I cannot compete with Marta. I adore those black inclusions in the outfit ; her doll looks so ready to fight !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..



  1. I love the second "mocking" outfit with the peace signs! Although you would have put me on a dilemma as it is definitely now what I expected but at the same time I always praise the originality and obviously the outfit is amazing! Anyway, so glad you write this and I could see it here because I definitely didn't want to miss it! ;)

    1. definitely not* (not now... no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that)

    2. haha glad this article gave you some clues about what's going on in this insane creation process ;) lol jk
      haha and I thought that yellow mocking outfit was too risky, I would have definitely released it tho, if I were more confident..


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