Hello ! How about a little chat like we do every month for the Hotbuys release
Ok so, things weren't easy this time. When I saw the spoilers the first time, I wasn't thrilled. I couldn't see what I'll do with any of those pieces. Though, I still praised the fact that the "theme" was nice : Italianish, Dolcéandgabban-ish, Guccish, you-know-what-I-mean-ish. I was about to make a "throw back" edition with last year's release, but comparing those two, I ended up thinking that this year's one was more interesting to work with.

I'm just giving you a hint of what I loved about that release. See this as a mood board : pompoms, colors, kitsch, outlandish, bizarre but fun.

Here is what I bought. It isn't much but I think that they are good pieces :
- the pompom earrings : they are so cute !
- the square sunglasses : warning, statement.
- the oversize bag : do I love it or do I hate it ? 

Ok, let's move on to the outfits :

1. Short-haired Florence Welch - HB glasses + PPQ shirt + Isabel Marant bag.
2. Dots plus fur equals pompoms - Saint Laurent coat + PPQ hat + HB earrings.
3. So incognito I could hide behind my bag - HB bag + Dior trousers + DKNY shoes.

So, what do you think ?