HOW to #1 : the white button-down shirt (+COMP)

It's been now a while that I wanted to give my very own point of view on some fashion ideas. This blog is still the perfect place to express myself - and yourself, you know I always end up responding to comments héhé. But lately, it was more about buying than discussing here, and catching up than real talk on trends. Hence the lifting. New start, new layout - but it's still me ehhh!

I hope this font size isn't too big - tell me if you feel that I'm yelling at you 🙊. Anyway, HOW to is a column that will gather a little bit of 5!, a dash of SHOPPiNG and a hint of SPoTLiGHT; the first one for the tutorial side, the second one for the "good findings" and the last one for the inspiration. As ever, here is the little disclaimer: I do not pretend to know everything about styling and fashion in general. However, this is my blog; it is designed as an open and free minded space where - of course - I am expressing my opinions, but also where you should be able and feel totally free to speak up your mind. Isn't it better when we all share about something we really like? and, oh boy, I genuinely ADORE le mode 💗. Also, in order to see what you are reading (or not lolz), there might be EASTER EGGS here and there around the blog - and perhaps at the end of this article *wink wink*. Moreover, I kept the no way/marry me boxes for you to tick if you do not feel like commenting but still feel like giving your opinion!

Today's column was inspired by the wonderful FM-Style current fashion cycle, and especially this week's task. Let me tell you, this is not easy at all. The contestants were grouped in small teams; then, we have to create and release a common and  coordinate entry for each challenge. Since I am a true "lonely wolf", this is quite tough. But my team is great, we'll go far 😼. So this week, we have to improve wardrobe basics: denim jeans, little black dress and... white button-down shirt. We split the task in three parts and I get to deal with the last piece... in a nutshell, candy to my ears. I thought right away that I may use it as a good opportunity to start this column, and here we are! So, how do we style this thing ? First, let's take a look at the muses... 😏

Alright, sorry not sorry, we begin with Alexa Chung. Even if it's always about Alexa for me (héhé), here are a few pictures where she wears a white button-down shirt without even caring - either as she walks on the streets or she goes to an event. This is just to prove you the versatile side of this piece - although I'm sure you already know about that..
But the real Queen for me when it comes to white button-down shirt is Sofia Coppola. This shirt is basically her entire wardrobe. She just almost seems to wear it as if she was an activist preaching minimalism. The right makeup with the right pair of pants and you are good to go. No flaw, no trick, she is effortless and timeless. How can something that simple can give such a strong style ? This is beyond interesting...

I did some speleology in the Plaza and my very own wardrobe. One was a golden mine, the other definitely disappointing... Finding the good piece is not that hard - you just need to keep in mind that no weird detail or shape should interfere with the general aspect of the piece. Although my wardrobe shirts are interesting, they all present a little something unusual - a twist on the wrists, a funky collar, some texture game... The only piece that deeply convinced me as a plain simple white button-down shirt worth owning was a common one - meaning that you will never regret your investment due to how versatile it is, otherwise please comment I'd love to hear your voice on that. It is actually still available in the Plaza (@PALS - 16 sd; thanks Lucy). See below a little compendium of my findings. Handwritten will be the Plaza finding, the other ones are from my personal collection - still available in Bazaar tho.

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
***** must-have alert 💕 (5 and above)
***** ditch/burn/go to hell 💩 (0 and below)

From my wardrobe
- CHEAP MONDAY@nelly/bazaar: a nice piece. Because it is sleeveless, it allows you to get a little more creative without having the discomfort to have the sleeves peaking out of whatever you use to cover the arms. The torso game is interesting but a bit long. *****
- DKNY/bazaar: my first shirt ever! I don't use it that much anymore, it has reach the sentimental part of my virtual wardrobe I'm afraid. The collar looks very effortless, but the length of the sleeves and the thickness of the torso's bottom part makes it hard to style easily. It should also need a little lifting regarding the graphic aspect. *****
- FENDI/bazaar: the most recent shirt in my wardrobe. I like this almost blue undertone; the quality of the graphics is very good here. Of course I can ramble with how the sleeves game is interesting but the collar is a little stiff and ruins the versatility of this shirt. Fun try tho! *****
- CHANEL/bazaar: used to use it for the ruffle collar to peak out of an heavy sweater to give some lightness; now I used it for the black-buttoned sleeves. It is the detail that makes the difference in a good outfit ! *****
- ALEXANDER WANG@msw/bazaar: bought when I saw it on Alexa (yeah again), kept for that bowtie. Although bulky and weird on the collar's finishing touches, it is adding an instant girl-romantic vibe to any outfit. Good to have by your side during a sneaky unexpected victorian blouse revival era... *****
- ZUHAIR MURAD/bazaar: my favorite collar! Although the color have strong yellow undertones, it is extremely good to work with that shirt. The collar is low-profile and the button line is perfectly hidden and straight. Bad point will go on the bell-balloon sleeves that look ridiculous under a blazer... Still a very usable piece tho if you can find the right bottom with the right belt area to match perfectly the shirt's bottom for a lovely bouffant effect ! *****

Plaza pick
@PALS/16sd: this shirt is just perfection. I adore how the cleavage is working that effortless effect, while the rest of the shirt is made of such a great quality of graphics; it is instant chic! The bouffant of the belt area makes it very interesting to style with high waisted bottoms, and the crisp white pocket gives a twist without stealing the show. A MUST. *****

& here are my outfits.
I decided to split the outfit process into three parts. 
The first one will be the expected aspect of the trend/piece under discussion. 
The second one will be an extreme/extravagant take on it. 
The third one will be more of a contemporary, ready-to-wear vision
I decided to start editing my outfits, so you can have a clearer idea of my work here.
Sometimes, outerwear is getting too much in the way,
and I think that my doll looks cutter with a side-by-side feet position...
As in French:
enjoieenjoy !

Part 1: 
Another day, another button-down shirt.

Left : just pure evil how simple it is. No wonder why I feel like Linda's gonna wear it..
DKNY shirt, PPQ skirt, Saint Laurent blazer + Hermès' Birkin bag.

Middle : classic white button-down shirt vibe, effortless and laid back.
THAT PALS SHIRT, Dior pants & pumps.

Right : white button-down shirts are just made for layering - hardcore version.
Saint Laurent t-shirt & necklace, Lanvin purse, Ann Demeulemeester coat + Cheap Monday shirt & boots.

Part 2: 
Plot twist, there is a button-down shirt involved here.

Left : ah, that balloon long sleeves/fencing top combo... I added more diamonds because why not.
Zuhair Murad shirt, Dior top, Saint Laurent pumps, Jean-Paul Gaultier tights, Chanel coat + Celine bag.

Middle : Ruffles and volume... still poetic even if it is the worst edited outfit ever!
Fendi shirt, Moschino sweater, Dior hand bag + D&G headpiece.

Right : haha! whatever happened here... stripes and bows or is the graphic designer on acid?
Dion Lee blazer, Chanel & Alexander Wang shirts, DKNY sash + the graphic designer bag.

Part 3: 
Bought a shirt, no big deal - it is LIFE, tho.

Left : kinky and/or innocent, depending on your point of view.
THAT PALS SHIRT, Elie Saab skirt, Saint Laurent choker & purse.

Middle : you mean where did I get that shirt? actually it was the only clean thing in my room..
THAT PALS SHIRT, Marc Jacobs jacket + Isabel Marant bag.

Right : just created the happiest outfit ever, thanks Button-down shirt!
THAT PALS SHIRT, Jeremy Scott tank top & skirt, Aquazzura boots + Gucci bag.

👉 1. Create an outfit with a white button-down shirt, in plaza or your suite.
👉 2. Take a picture, imgur-it and post the link in the comment section below.
👍 3. Win something (my gratitude or a thing from your wishlist, most likely to be 2°).

Deadline: October 4th, 2017 - 11:59PM GMT+1.
Picture from head-to-toe, no filter allowed.

Winners will be announced on October 5th.

See you in the comments!



  1. Woah! I left for two days, come back, and found THREE posts of yours (even if one only had 4 lines), a new blog design and a BRAND NEW MAGNIFIQUE SECTION! This made my day, everything is so beautiful in here!! I'm gonna cry... Hahah

    I loled when reading "let's take a look at the muses... " and then... ALEXA! obvi haha
    And Linda is getting classier, people are gonna end up liking her ;)

    I'm gonna take part in the contest this weekend for your grattitude :P


    2. haha Happy to see that you enjoy them as much as I do enjoy making them :D and yeah, Alexa's always around somewhere, she is my guru (she started a brand and I just can't wait to see it around SD.. but my expectations are low héhé)..
      AAAAAAND thanks a million love for taking part, I just don't care if it's actually only you and Judith, I feel so proud doing this for the two cutiepies that you are :D


  2. Agreed with my sister up there! This post was SO good and the new blog design looks lovely! Outfit with white button down shirt coming soon ;)


    2. OOOOOOWWW you are the best, thank you lovely :) I have so much pressure now knowing that I have the two most stylish sisters in my little baby competition ! can't wait to post it in my "results" article ;)


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