TRIBUTES - Saint Laurent RW F/W 2017/18

Who's #3 on the list ? Saint Laurent ; and damn you Stardoll, I think I got carried away here... well, check this out below !

I am an absolute freak when it comes to this Fashion House. It's just too much to handle for me here. Black. Blazers. Minimalism. Dirty hair. I'm dead. Well, there is something I particularly appreciate with this shop : the glitter. I have no piece whatsoever and, when you take part in competition, it can be a huge handicap. There are a lot of pieces I was not sure about tho, but most of it was just pure, conform Saint Laurent... and here lie my savings 💸💸💸

From left to right :
a black blazer, that skirt game, this entire suit, that glitter clivage and VELVET high knee boots.

RW F/W 17/18

Alright so, about what I bought... well, the almost-entire shop. The camel leather items were my least favorite, but that ruffle game on the skirt is just mad. As it all resulted in one heck of a blood bath, I decided to follow that path for my styling. It's evil and simple.

and here are my outfits !

1. Killer on a spree /estimated time until jail : a couple of days after following blood stains - Saint Laurent boots + dress.
2. Black widow /estimated time until jail : after poisoning her tenth husband - Saint Laurent top.
3. Ambition terrorist /estimated time until jail : minutes after EU went bankrupt - Saint Laurent skirt.
4. Linda from human ressources /estimated time until jail : she rules the jail - Saint Laurent skirt.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.


  1. Oh God, Linda is about to become my fav character going over the white porfolio girl!!
    Loving last outfit (is my fave, but I love them all). Aaaand first one is so Atomic Blonde (dk if you have seen the movie, but totally Charlize Theron vibes on there and I LOVEIT)

    kisses for my wifey

    1. haha they may go in a fight together sometimes.. I've got great plans for both of them :D
      No I haven't, I just saw the trailer but yes, it is definitely that vibe !

      Love that you're always around when I publish something beyond terrible :*

      hugs for my wiFEEEEEY !


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