Complaining complaining complaining blah blah blah... O.K. LET'S GET SH*T done. Another Hotbuys column, served directly to your feed. You're welcome ! I'm not forgetting about the one I skipped, I promise (haha promise) I'll keep you updated - or keep ya feed polluted hahaha sorry not sorry - about that later on.

McQueen, Marni and some other less known designers were part of this month's release. One extreme good point tho: the stupid "LOVE TALK it's February, folks" seems not that strong this time. Hurray for my eyes and my single-ish personal lifestyle decisionsStill, I wasn't keen on buying and spending like as usual (you know that thing can turn crazy real quick). My selection is small, but brace yourself, we're going to talk about quality. Well, almost.

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
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From this month's release
McQUEEN STRAPY BRA THING: Seems reliable and kinda space-goth modernish at the same time; for sure I definitely see how to pair it right away - boring but useful you know. *****
MARNI MOD PURSE STUFF: That stuff is tough but I somehow like its design; OK let's call that a "challenge piece". *****
MARNI DEFINITELY NOT MODERN EARRINGS: You can never have too many earrings these days, even if it is those ones - come on, they fun. *****
CULT GAIA PURSE: My favorite pick - small, black and fun, and a little like Stella McCartney's oh wait (?). *****

Time dopplegangers.

Left : Twiggy : back to the Wisconsin Mod era
Elie Saab skirt, Marni purse + Dior shoes.

Middle : Golden age of H.R. Linda - N.Y.C. circa 1987
Off White collar & belts, Saint Laurent blazer, Vaultier stilettos + Cult Gaia purse.

Right : is she the Ché or Debbie Harry ? *shrugs*
McQueen bralette, Saint Laurent boots & shirt, Marc Jacobs jacket, Dior beret + Marni earrings. 

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!



  1. Linda is back!! What a style she had back in the 80s!

    I got the fur denim jacket and the tee with the broken heart, it goes good with my attitude towards my single-ish lifestyle

    1. haha she keeps on surprising me !
      haha that's a cool lifestyle, sure you'll rock those pieces with such an attitude ;) I was considering them for a moment but my wallet said NOPE :(

  2. Oh and
    this already exists in SD !

    1. definitely, I'm so sad I sold that; it was definitely a keeper (everything weird is a keeper - that's my current mood, trust me you don't get bored anymore) !


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