Alright let's mess with my schedule with an "out of the blue" article; today's release is a capsule collection at Pearls. Extremely bougie-poshie but also providing silk and pearls (lolz) and preppy tailored items, this shop is actually great for basics. You know my love for white shirts... well I was served. I also forgot to mention: it is starcoins friendly. So, get your wallet out and let's get crazy, you'll watch the polo game later on replay.

I think that the "cheap" price tags trapped me here... Or I made quite a bargain - wait, that is too bizarre, I still think I was trapped. So I picked basic clothing: a drapped white shirt - a little nod to an old Carven collection that I adored, this skirt (yes, Alexa again, sorry still not over it), the "come on it's practically free" pumps and that scarf. This last item is what inspired me for this styling. Let me show you why; meet Vod, my new fashion obsession.

So now you know that I've been unfaithful. Netflix is my new S.O. (damn you Stardoll but you've been so sooo soooooo slow those last few months). I'm watching this show, Fresh Meat - I must admit it's not that good but it's ok when I iron my shirts. And let me tell you, Vod's style is just perfect - a gem. A proper vibe 2009 me would have killed for. I thought it was a nice start for this little article. Pearls items are too classic and I can just only see them paired and adjusted in a completely opposite perspective. Oh, naughty !

Left : Romantic Vod.
That Pearls skirt, YSL shirt, Off White belts, Chanel bag, Dior booties + Fendi socks.

Middle : Casual Vod.
That Pearls shirt, McQueen silver necklace, Saint Laurent pants, Philip Lim botties, Chanel hangup blazer + Vuitton bag.

Right : Killer Vod.
That Pearls scarf, YSL choker, DKNY belt, Isabel Marant purse + Burberry botties.

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!

smoking kills btw



  1. MIDDLE OUTFIT!!!!!!!! omg perfect

    I didnt fall into the bargains trick btw, didnt buy anything :(

    1. haha thanks ! inspiration is back :)
      lucky you ! but I'm happy anyway that they develop such low priced items for qualitative stuff, I kinda felt like a leftover for quite some time with their OMG expensive ugly stuff and OMG OMG even uglier sc free stuff...


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