Tribute season is over, as the last shop is going on its "last chance" days. So, best time for a review. "LOL u dumb itz no in shops aneemore !!!" - yes, I see your disapproving looks. But I was late for those "last chance" shopping sprees too. Guess what I did ? a little sneak-a-peak to the Starbazaar and 1. less money was spent (jokes on you SD aahaha jk I just took another membership - what's the deal with these ugly I-have-them-a-hundred-times-already items ?), 2. someone's trash that is new to you is not trash anymore. Trust me, I think that everyone was disappointed with this collection, because you can still get it for almost nothing in the bazaar.

Inspired and actually taken from Versace SS18, this capsule collection is faithful to the IRL original. I'm not sure tho about the choice of Versace itself. It's not that I hate it, it's just that I'm completely indifferent to this type of style. Still, I manage to find what I think is the centerpiece of this collection.

This should be the whole collection summed up. Far west vibes, 80's and ocean dashes. It's clean and wild at the same time - a proper outfit that says: I'm overly dressed for what I'm about to do but I get sh*t done at the end. On a little more "down to Earth" perspective, I think that the proportions are just perfectly kept, even with a romantic - but snob-ish at the same time - touch. I scrolled through the whole collection to give you my favorite picks and ideas to steal. 

All-over black and tailored shapes with golden spikes and chains.

Gold-printed silk, shells+baroque+native patterns.

uh ? nope, that's just my favorite outfits.

This third selection is my favorite for so many reasons. I love "all-over colors", and I find it so genuinely candid in pastel colors. Also, I love this "frontally branded" trend that is happening at the moment. For the central outfit, I think it just put my aesthetics in a Versace version. Black blazer with the signature printed-silk and golden features. But enough ramble. I made a small compendium of my favorite pieces. I thought that it would be easy, but it was not. Temptation was all around.

***** wearability counter (from 1 to 4)
***** must-have alert 💕 (5 and above)
***** ditch/burn/go to hell 💩 (0 and below)

From this Tribute shop
SKY HIGH MEDUSA SANDALS: Simple. Just like a staple - not overdressed but with a certain personality. *****
WESTERN GOLD BUCKLE BELT: Another staple - compulsory in your wardrobe if you want to survive this cruel fashion era. *****
EMBELLISHED OVER KNEE BOOTS: Masterpiece. Not a lot of wearability but just sit back and enjoy their beauty. *****
LAYRED SKIRT: Another masterpiece, fun a playful at the same time, with a nice lace twist on the inner edges. *****
TWO-TONE BAG: Classic, quite cute and perfect if you wish to juggle any boring outfit. *****
BLACK BODY: That shape. I wish it had straps tho, just like the dress version. Definitely seeing this on a regular cotton shirt. *****
FEATHER PRINTED SWIMSUIT: The most perfect piece to show off the prints and patterns. I specially adore how the collar era is embellished. *****
WESTERN DENIM SHIRT: A little to short, but such a immense effect. That tie tho. *****

AAAND, as always, here are my outfits.
I used the whole collection to make them, do not be mad

Far West beyond the Sea.

Left : Classic Far West - Octopus of the Fire Mountain
Versace body, Dion Lee trousers + Givenchy stilettos.

Middle : New Age Far West - No Country for Old Squid
Versace hat, corset and tutu + Saint Laurent boots.

Right : IRL Far West - Medusa from PR
Versace jacket and double belt, Balmain trousers and boots, Saint Laurent bag.

By the way, shall we talk about this brushed+pinned back hairstyle ? 
I need someone to actually make it on SD. 
Please. Thank you. Gratitude.

Versace ready-to-wear Spring Summer 18.

How about you?
Did you also find anything interesting?
See you in the comments!



  1. Ahhh, so excited, you look #sweetafsweetafsweetaf

    1. omg thanks love ! I'll post almost daily I think, I have so much to catch up... ehehe

  2. I laugh so much with your intros hahaha

    Also find it funny the "small" selection of picks you ended up getting. BUT outfits...amazing Ö so in love with the Classic Far West!
    I just got the necessary belt to survive fashion week, the feather printed swimsuit and the cowboys boots because... not sure haha

    1. haha there're almost just for you :D
      yaaas... While I was making the header for the picks I found out that I actually bought half of the store so... a "small" section was a little bit misleading. I tried to shrink the description so nobody should realize my mistake but I guess none's buying my game !
      Yeah well, you spotted me as well, I guess the middle one is too literal and the right one is out of my usual style, but the whole collection was anyway. Still not sure were I recall when it comes to this Fashion House. Meh :)


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