REBOOTING - BUFFERING - wait for it...

Yes. No excuse... Alright let's pretend it never happened. Eheh. Still good old me folks, keep it up and.. what were you expecting anyway ?

So, I left you with a voracious envy to rebuild this blog. I was finally so happy it was exactly what I wanted it to be. And then it started: Stardoll has never been so slow on my computer. But slow like it's leading you to despair. The plaza would not load correctly, and do not even get me started on my suite. I also work IRL like a crazy person and "Limited edition" Friday is just so frustrating you have no idea - like for a former-quick shopper that I am. But anyway, I learnt how to be patient and a little more organized. It's been 6 months I'm in charge with my (not so) new job, and I think I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I even took the habit of a night moisturizing routine - on my way of being a proper beauty-blogger lolz lolz lolz jk not even happening.

So, I left you with this:


So, the only thing I can do to make this up properly, is to first: grant my contestants with their long deserved prizes, and second to show you the magnificent entry each of them submitted. I love you siblings, you are some amazing and talented bunch of clever genes (but you do not need me to know that !).

Here's Mirdith.
That plain white shirt paired with the most extreme opposite: glitters. Beautiful ! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Here's Judith_25.
Classic, like the shirt, but twisted with chains and ripped off denim. ๐Ÿ‘Œ


Alright, stick around cos I prepared some stuff ; might be posting soon !



  1. oh this is SO beautiful!
    today I was thinking, look at maurice and all this recent activity on stardoll... is it possible that she may be blogging again? and then I found 4!!! 4!!!! new posts...

    Thank you so much for those nice words, for the cute present that you did not need to give anyway , but thank you :) aaaaaaand

    "I even took the habit of a night moisturizing routine - on my way of being a proper beauty-blogger lolz lolz lolz jk not even happening"
    This is so relatable to me HAHAHA

    Don't leave to soon okay? ;)

    1. haha I'll be around ! THERE IS A NEW CYCLE SO I WILL BE AROUND. Like a crazy person, trust me on that point. Period. HAHAHAHAHA
      (still on the moisturizing routine by the way, so I have high hopes for my blogging...)


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