SHOPPING : Oscar de la Renta Tribute

I have so much to say about this store and yet not much to show...
Actually, Oscar de la Renta's fashion is astonishing : the way the dresses are made, the elegant looks... it genuinely screams perfection ! but (there's always a "but"), I don't find myself in these kind of shop. I admire the looks and styles, but that's not for me. The main reason is : how am I supposed to wear this when we're not in a "gala" mood ? I just don't find any handling for those clothes.

Still, I bought a couple of pieces : the white see-through laced shirt and the black flower-ish one. I truly hesitate to add in my basket the black and white striped gown, but eh.. I won't have any use of this.

There is something amazing about this shirt I just used here : it's actually very versatile and I think that this is going to make a twist to any sad outfit !

what are your feelings about this kind of store ?



  1. My thoughts are exactly the same! Too much gala gowns and so little "useful" clothes. I ended up buying a clutch and some shoes :) x
    - mirdith

    1. haha it's so sad because ODLR is a brilliant designer, but.. sometimes I feel like SD thinks we're all little frustrated princesses in need of glamour. On one side, it's true (I am haha), but on the other side I NEED WEARABLE CLOTHES to fulfill my shopaholic addiction :D


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