YGTL - 19catwoman

A long time ago, I used to have a column in USD. A very long time ago ! M_Themis gathered a team of 4-5 people (I don't know exactly how many we were) so we judged people we spotted on SD ; it was called "captured"... The thing is, you know my relationship with "longtime commitment" : it's zero ; I lasted a couple of months, after ditching also another column I was in charge of called "designers" where I taught the readers about the fashion industry. Nevertheless, it was a tremendous experience ! The people in my team were sweethearts and we found amazing SD members with amazing styling talent. Still, I had my first hater (the best time of my life, he/she was the perfect troll I had so much fun to respond to - don't do this, that's what they expect), and my first weird stalker (ahahah fanatics.. such memories !), and I learnt how to behave in the SD blogosphere.

Nowadays, everyone do this - excepted me, which is a shame since I'm spattered by talent every time I log on the site.

So, for the very first time on NSM/BTD (really, I had no idea what I had in mind when choosing the name of this blog), I present you "You've got the look !", the first column here about me complimenting a SD member for her/his sense of fashion that happen to be exactly in harmony with my preferences

We do not learn much about that Polish citizen's profile, but still, that outfit is awesome ! I love the boxy effect of the coat, the sleek hairstyle and the texturized boots ; it looks a little "matrix" but that is actually what's interesting. The cherry on top is, of course, the deer horns necklace. Since the outfit is plain black, this accessory is really popping out and it balance the sci-fi vibe of the rest.

Get to know 19catwoman :

That's NSM/BTD approved !
that's why I put the stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !