YGTL - yulissahermosa

I think this is not going to be the only article about this lovely person. He is a designer - that's how I first got to know him, but also one of FM-style's cycle 11 contestant.

I though I was about to make a "street style" column here, but when I visited his suite, I was both amazed and flabbergasted, and I changed my mind a little bit ! So, let me introduce the first SD member on YGTL - creative edition.

I think I may recall well, but yulissahermosa is a boy from an hispanic speaking country, Columbia. He is very talented with making art into very cosy sweatshirts, and many other things (I need that Bowie portrait by the way), but this dress.. I love the lining of the butterflies like this is no another butterfly dress, this is a dress with a genuine butterfly fabric - tremendous isn't it ? The cleavage is perfect and the styling of the doll is just making the dress popping out even more !

Get to know yulissahermosa :

That's NSM/BTD approved !
that's why there is a stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !