SHOPPING : Après-Ski's sale

So, half of the shop is on sale right now,
maybe it's the occasion to build a perfect wintery wardrobe !

I've never been a true fan of very seasonal shops, since for me, they are really useful for cosplay - and this can be a little pejorative. I'm not a good scenarist on SD, but when I do, it's usually not planned and because of a mood (like I did for Bowie recently). Still, this shop has a lot to offer, even though I found that half of it consist of very weird sized skirts and stuffs that give my doll a weird body shape. So I bought a lot of sc things - like snowflakes earrings my doll will probably never wear (but eh, sc !), and here are my absolute favorites.

Ok, I cheated. I already own the dress and the coat ; but since they are part of the sale, I guess I can include them here. They're on one side very versatile pieces, and on the other side a true statement

Here is how I styled them :

1. Paris is freezing : Chanel coat, AS scarf and bag.
2. Yellow frozen spring : Gucci bag, AS dress and shoes.
3. Bourgeois' cold walk : Sonia Rykiel hat, DVF purse, AS coat and puddle (Bern).

So, did you buy anything ?

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  1. Hahahaha you're too funny! I always end up laughing with your comments and blog posts! I love that belt you buy! I've used it a looooot of times! And loving the names you put to your outfits! hahahaha Magnifique!!
    - mirdith

    1. oooooh you're the sweetest :3 I guess I was really bored when I started posting about that sale, and I do agree with you, that belt is really cool !
      and of course I just love your little kind French words x

  2. Looooove the third outfit (Bourgeois' cold walk)! So french, so elegant, so beautiful! I really, really love it! I actually thought that that coat was very interesting and I considered buying it but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to style it in a cool and different way, you did it amazingly though! xx

    1. haha it is ! It's actually looking a little bit like a joke but I love when things go off-beat :3 I used it a long time ago in a competition, and I was amazed by the fact that I could do a lot with it and by the other fact that the judges loved it ! You should definitely try, you'll be surprised ;)
      and thanks for all the kind words :3 x

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