SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 10 & 11 - recap

Yes, you know what I'm talking about - and if you don't, well, you have no excuse (like I have no excuse for not posting anything since the last time I've talked about it !).
So, if you haven't done it yet, follow FM-style and check the Stylish Stardoll Sisters as a starter. You're done ? OK.
Let's do a little recap of what happened last cycle. I left you with my task 1 review of the 10th cycle ; spoiler alert : Marta-43 won (check her blog here, she's talented !). She's now one of FM-style's new judges, alongside our favorite sisters and a bunch of lovely people. AND I'm a contestant. Again. Yes. C:

This cycle is not a special one 
- but the tasks are still that challenging ! 
I haven't been posting about my outfits 
since I'm super lazy right now, 
but I'll sum it up for you.

Task one :
Blue jeans, white shirt
each time I see this written somewhere, I sing. It's automatic. 

I was so happy and confident : minimalistic, white, blue... what can go wrong ? well, EVERYTHING. Since you don't have to load a lot your outfit (exactly what I haven't done - bravo me. urgh), the tiniest of the details become the biggest. I'm in a wrapping mood ; which is not helpful at all - it's freezing here and my IRL self is dressed like Yoda. So I may have overlapped a little too much. AND, worst of all, the gold and silver duet. When I got the judges' feedback, it was the only thing that made me truly mad about my outfit. "Pay attention goddammit !" I said before punching me right in the face (lol).
But still, I was happy how it came out : the ribbon and the white shirt - classic Patti Smith here - gave a twist to the outfit, and that jeans - oh I love them, one of my favorites of all time !

I can't remember exactly what mark I got, but I was in the middle of the list.
My feeling : I can do better.

Task two :
Sweater weather
a.k.a. the imposed red turtleneck.

In this task, I had to use one piece : a red turtleneck. I wasn't happy or confident. I never use turtlenecks. I don't know why : I don't particularly hate them, but I just can't compose with them. Since my last task wasn't a success, I had to be wise. What does it remind me of ? Where am I most likely to see one of those ? Nouvelle vague, French sixties and seventies, Wes Anderson. That's a wrap ! So, helped by my doll's new wig (Alechave is the ultimate God of pixelated hair) that tremendously looks like Margot Tenenbaum's haircut, I got a lot of inspiration : it had to be simple, a little retro but still very modern, just like an emergency equation you can apply when you have to wear something you're not comfortable with.

Apparently, I did great ; the judges were pleased and I ended in the top 3 !
My feeling : that was a close shave !

That's all for now !
This time, I promise I'll post more about it :)




    1. and you haven't seen what I'm preparing for task 3 yet :D

  2. I definitely do not know where I have been losing my time without reading this! It's amazing! You're so funny! I'll surely be checking your blog daily now! LOVE IT!

    1. haha thanks and thanks and thanks ! I have a bunch of new ideas ;) but yours is perfect and so inspirational ! x


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