SPOTLIGHT : FM-style, cycle 11 - task 4

I usually post a little explanation with my outfit on imgur just to be sure everyone understand my point of view - told you about my showoff attitude ! BUT imgur is being a dork and doesn't want to obey me today. I would have prefer to post you the outfit with the results but since the judges verdicts are not available now and I NEED to speak about what I've done, I'll make a recap next time.

Task four :
highway to hell
cos that's where we're all going honey ! haha is that from a movie ?

Funerals. I hate funerals as much as I love them. I hate them because it's always terrible to loose someone, and I love them because it's gathering people (I think I cannot be stupider than that). I was a little skeptical about this task - and I guess it must be because of the double elimination that will happen at the end of it. So I procrastinated until I reach my least favorite part of the week - the middle : thursday, when I usually have a little nervous breakdown (yes, this article is going to be a little awkward). I thought that it could be handy in this particular case.
Well, I can ramble a lot about this, but long story short - and for the sake of your mental health - this is what came out.

Funerals are, I guess, the occasion of expressing your emotions through your outfits. I'm going to talk about me again but, as I'm a heartless person who care for nothing but me, I came to a simple equation in order to avoid possible disrespectful manners : no emotion on the face = emotions pined on the chest. Always a win ! (just ignore that).
So I loaded my doll with the darkest and oppressive black I could find (a little highlight with a grey-ish shirt to balance it), and sober yet austere clothes to be as neutral - respectful - as possible (mid-length black skirt, grandma bag and laced up shoes are a terrific combo here). And VOILA ! my doll looks like she's not having the time of her life ! hahahahahaha erm.

Stay tuned for the results,
I'm going to cheer myself up a little bit
and see you tomorrow !