SHOPPING - Subcouture

Hello everyone ! 
So, Stardoll surprised us with some Subcouture this weekend 
- so if you still doubt about this release, 
let me help you cope with the drama 
and tell you what I've picked from this collection !

I have no words to qualify this release. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.. and I'm even tired of complaining. I've recently read somewhere (it might be in one of Jenna's articles but I cannot find any proof so..), that I'm not the only one who finds that the editorial direction of Stardoll isn't at its best. Well, we had a very short Tribute season (come on : WHERE IS THE DIOR ?), Hotbuys were announced mid-January and this Subcouture collection ? It has for answer : whatever happened here...

Still, I don't agree with most of what I've read on the blogosphere about this release. It is odd, but I think that a nice bunch of pieces are still gems. I'm not sure what's the inspiration here.. early 00's maybe ? Anyway, here is what I've picked ; I'm definitely growing that pink vibe and I'm starting to be afraid of that.. I may have committed myself a little bit too much in the last 5! column 😰.

I have a lack of inspiration these days. You know that feeling ? It's when you try to put things together but at the end it's just a pile of things overcrowding each other and definitely getting on your nerves 😖. Well, tough days at work (I had a promotion YAY ok end of the private talk), I guess..
But here, creation was kind of easy. There is no editorial line bonding the three outfits (they clearly don't match together - this is a catastrophe) but I'm quite happy with how they came out ! Still, I prefer to warn you, there is extravaganza here..

1. Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts is a normal person who sometimes goes grocery shopping - Subcouture shoes, D&G skirt & YSL purse.
2. I wonder why people of the French Senate hate the Burren things in their garden - Subcouture tank top + shoes + bag, Valentino sweater & Saint Laurent blazer.
3. Quartz pink demon get out of my head please thank you - Subcouture trench coat + denim vest + top + tights, Chanel skirt, Roger Vivier shoes, One of a Kind earring & Tom Ford glasses.

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
did you buy anything ?



  1. So in love with the third outfit! I guess pink it's my weakness... hahahahha No, but for real, when I saw that t-shirt I thought it was horrible and you styled it so good I'm reconsidering!!

  2. I'm loving when the Queen of hearts goes grocery shopping!
    And congratulations for the promotion, YAY! :D Aaaand (second) I'm agreeing 100% with you about the direction on stardoll. If they need someone they can hire me, I like Stockholm hehe. Aand (third), don't worry about the 5! column getting in your head too much, you're doing wonders with pink ;) Aaaaaaaand (final) that's all! haha



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