5! : how to deal with 2017 trends - SPORTS edition.

Happy 2017 everyone ! 
Yay ! New year ! New resolutions ! New "nope this is not going to happen sorry" ! Haha ! OK but no. I've talked about 2017 trends in my last 5! article so I think I need to finish what I intended to do here. I definitely cannot take the french leave...

Ok so, after those awful flowers, Vogue predicted "Sports". It doesn't seem to be a random sort of sport : the elegant side but without the annoying preppy vibe. Sports here includes practicality in fashion. Here is a little compendium of what I've found on the SS runways for 2017 (Courrèges, DKNY and Marni if I recall well). I definitely love the quilted materials and the use of the white ; I think I'm going to focus on that !

If I had to find a word to describe my relationship with sports, it would be "void". I don't think that I hate it, but I surely don't care about it. In a word, I am very unaware of sports. So, let's see what Alexa Chung thinks about it. Skinny, dancer, comfort ; ok but that's not helping here. Still, since I have issues in my brain, I will provide you some pictures of Alexa and sports. Sorry not sorry.

I need to try harder. So I gathered in my mind what could be a good outfit with a sports vibe. Maybe something effortless, but with good movements and textures. Or maybe a little superhero-ish..

Still, I save the best part of this trend for the end. You definitely need to get information about Dior's last collection. I think that this is a true gold mine of ideas for this trend. The quilted, the white.. That's why I love them ! and I hope this would turn into a Tribute soon (wink wink)...


Level 1 : the faux-ballerina

For the first outfit, I wanted to play with the ballerina vibe : the skirt is light and sheer and the sweater is fitted to create that slender effect carried by every ballet dancer. I broke the girlish aspect by adding some sneakers.

Level 7 : queen of the highest chair on the court

For the second one, I wanted to defy the preppy aspect I've spoken about earlier. Tennis is in my mind the first sport to be connoted preppy. I didn't want to break this aspect, but to tame it almost like a costume. The deal was to accentuate the "high-class" vibe with golden and jewelresque features. Game on !

Level 32 : the mud cruiser

After tennis comes polo ! Since I tried to domesticate tennis, I want here to break polo's preppy vibe. No Ralph Lauren should survive here ! The idea is to create an outfit that could still be kinda good even if covered in mud. I chose thick textures and small golden features - the buttons - to enhance the whole thing so even with those super-chunky boots, it stays fashionable.

Level 57 : tatami to the nines

For the fourth outfit, I wanted to make it night-themed. I love the eastern asian origami culture that you can find everywhere even in sports ; so (sorry for this lame shortcut) impersonating a "combat" one may be a good start here. I was inspired by the tatami's lines and the karate belts : around the waist and the head. Sharp and neat bows that gives an instant chic touch to any outfit !

Level 100000 : the graphic designer took some fencing lessons

The last attempt has to be on the editorialist side. There is a piece that I cherish and that I would definitely possess IRL if I could. That fencing top from Dior's last collection. Fortunately for me, it was still available at LE (nobody bought it and I didn't pay attention to it when it came out.. such a dork). I thought that the only person in the world able to wear it is.. the graphic designer (please don't be offended, I have an issue with this job but see this as me being jealous ok ?). I broke every side of that fencing top : the neat one with that restructured pair of jeans, the combat one with that silky blouse and the retro one with those futuristic sheer heels. Of course, it was fitting perfectly the portfolio : that's a match (yes, there is a bad pun here)!

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
hope you enjoyed it,



    loving it again so much!! I love the graphic deisgner hahaha! But really, I love the LE top, been thinking of buying it a couple of times, but finally I never do. Now, because of you I'm thinking about it again... hahah Such great work!!!!!! Better than Alexa ;) hahah

    By the way it's been fun to see you all that sporty, you the feminine french lady ;)


    1. héhé THANKS C: it took me some effort, almost like running a marathon (yes yes indeed, totally believable) ! Only for your beautiful ojos ;)

      PS : sorry for poking holes in your wallet.. I didn't mean to :( unless.. ! héhé ! *evil hand-rubbing*

  2. I have to agree with my sis! I wanted to tell you in the previous 5! post but I wasn't logged in the Google account and was too lazy. This is for me your best section! And it really inspires you cause the outfits that come out of it are.... AMAZING! In love with all of them! Can't wait for the next trends!

    1. I know that feeling ;) so happy you like them ! and I hope I'll be able to satisfy you with the 3 remaining articles ;) x


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