5! : how to deal with 2017 trends - PINK edition.

Miss me ? Well, I've missed you ! I've had quite a busy time actually - as if.. but it's kind of another excuse haha - and it took me some difficulty, creation speaking here, to figure out what I could serve you for this third segment of "2017 trends". Yeah.. we're going to talk PINK today !


Pink isn't my cup of tea.. and colors in general - sorry for complaining haha ! but you're used to that right ? I prefer neutral tones, earthly and animal-esque ones. As you may recall, pink was 2016's. I'm talking "baby pink". This year, they say that people haven't had enough of it so.. here we go again I guess ! But now, we kinda take it to the extremes : it's either blush pink or fuchsia, and the way to wear it is also "extreme" : all-over baby !

As a guideline for you, I spotted some interesting stuff on the internet. Here is a little compendium of SS resort 2017 (Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Valentino, Fendi & Vetements). Apparently, you cannot avoid it.. oh dear !

You know me, I had to seek my guru to gain some comfort so I can deal properly with this trend. Alexa chose that color for her book, which is already a good start, and she kinda also uses pink shamelessly in her wardrobe : gingham pink, knitted pink, fluffy pink, tiny pink... Now I get the picture ! Feeling better right ?


But, how can we style it ?


Step 1 : get to know the pink.

Nothing too hardcore here : let's just bring touches to the most neutral outfit ever. Since pink is always assimilated as something naive, I decided to play that card and confront it with a very bold (but mellow) composition. Heels and a bow versus square shoulders and black tones. The touches are quite big so the trick here is to bring smoothness to avoid any shock.

Step 2 : light the pink up.

This trend isn't all about nice baby pink. Apparently, we have to deal with its noisy big brother : fuchsia ! As seen before, we still use the "touches" method : sleeves and a couple of clutches should do the trick. I decided to ditch the "quiet" vibe for the remaining part, so I went on the fierce side of this color. What I mean here is that we are not using the color itself to imply the fierceness (remember : touches), but the rest : black pieces but strong pieces as a perfecto and combat boots. The pink doesn't dominate you, because you're the master of pink. Deal with it.

Step 3 : mix the pink.

The next step is to be able to master the pink in its wholeness. You have to use all of its shades. Since fuchsia is kind of a big deal, I suggest to modulate it by still using touches ; the blush pink is going to be the main part of the show here. Stick to black surroundings (like a security, you know those extra baby wheels you had on your bike when you started riding it.. well, same idea here), and let the pink enter your life. The risk of shock is real so.. be careful ! Here, the Prada dress is kinda ideal because of its hidden fuchsia tones... perfect to introduce that fluffy Gucci necklace (come on : it's not a scarf, Stardoll ; you should know it since you come from Sweden munchkin !).

Step 4 : embrace the pink.

Pink isn't you BFF yet, but it's coming closer so brace yourself. As your first try of an "all-over" look, I'll definitely recommend the blush pink instead of the fuchsia. The trick here, when you go monochromatic, is to play on textures : fluff, stiffness... you can choose whatever you want, the possibilities are endless ! If you are afraid of the "too much" effect, you can still stick to your black pieces - all you have to do is inverting what we did previously and make the black as the touches, and the pinks the remaining part. Here I mixed Marni and Isabel Marant, and I finished the outfit with that Marc Jacobs fur that has this perfect brownish tone to calm things down a little.

Step 5 : you are the pink.

Congratulations ! You've made it to the last step : how to "hardcore" the pink. If I can be honest with you, without this Miu-Miu dress I couldn't have done this : the pattern is perfect since it's mixing fuchsia and white, ideal to match that enormous Gucci fur. I added a fuchsia vest for some depth (and layering) and a small reminder on those heels and those Prada glasses to link things from head to toe. I'm a partisan of that made-up theory implying that when you follow some sort of track, you can never really go wrong : from the vest to the dress, to the fur to the heels and the glasses. That's a wrap !

That's it !
So, what do you think ?
hope you enjoyed it,



  1. Loving the last outfit! You really mastered pink...

  2. Hahaha I've loved the step by step mastering pink! GREAT JOB!!!!!! LOVING IT (as always... :P)


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