SPOTLIGHT/FM-STYLE - Cycle 13, task 2.

While writing the feedback for task 3, I've almost forgot to ramble about task 2... 😱 Silly me ! Ok, so I promise this isn't going to turn out as the previous ramble I did for task 1. Also, I really love that banner the SSS pumpkins did so you might see it a lot ! Speaking of which, this column is now going to be called "FM-STYLE" and not Spotlight anymore.. you know just saying in case of confusion (don't laugh this is important to some people and I don't want to mess with their brains.. because I'm alrealdy doing that A LOT ok I move on).

Task 2 is on the paper quite easy : a furry stuff in your outfit, and some extra time. On that last point, I have no excuse.. I actually marked every contestants but without having time to feedback everyone, my bad. Fortunately, it happened that what I plotted on my side of the judging was accurate so.. but I promise I'll be more efficient next time 😉 ! Anyway, here's the task.

Ok so, I identified my criteria : originality. Fur is seen and seen and seen so.. better be creative here, right ? I was definitely looking for the unexpected, the fur item that I would never have thought of, and the way to wear it that would intrigue me. This means, even though I absolutely love that chunk of fur, Munchkin_XD's Museum Mile coat IS OUT (and I was about to be aggressive with anyone using it) because seen, seen and.. you get the picture. Fortunately, it didn't happen

In order to illustrate my idea - giving hints you know (perhaps I should start writing some indications.. since I felt the need to clarify the new title of the column lol), I chose to work with those Chanel furry pants. I added some gold features to chic things up and that beautiful feline coat to emulate the animal side of the fur - it's kind of a fun wink haha ok sorry.

So, how did everyone go ?

We had some accidents.. I know it because when I was a contestant few cycles ago, I had some very bad marks for not being "street style" proof. I think it wouldn't have been fair if I let that go so I may have been a little harsh on that condition but eh, this might be useful to avoid any confusion. And, spoiler alert, the lesson seems to have been learnt for task 3 ! Here's my top 5 for task 2 :

Rank 5 - Letìcia (leiona_-) with her effortless composition !
Rank 4 - Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) with this edgy look !
Rank 3 - Stefan (Sweet_gal11) for that elegant retro vibe !
Rank 2 - Leigh (Leighways) for that orange and frills work !
The number 1 💕 - Navi (vousme) because this might be how perfection looks like !

who would you have ranked #1 ?
What would you have done ?

See you for task 3 !