YGTL - love-hate-thing

Time to wake another forgotten column from the dead... here comes the street-style break !

Actually I was just going from the "suite" tab to the "shopping" tab of Stardoll out of boredom.. and I noticed that little stalking bird that kept the #1 place in my visitor's section ! And, what a surprise ! I really like what's happening here... so I'm just sharing this with you !

Not much to say about this little one (no country stated and some asiatic writing - you are an enigma munchkin !), but that I ADORE that outfit. Simple, neat, effective and a Chloé statement piece. That minimalistic vibe is resting my eyes and also triggering my sense of creativity with its odd shapes. A true cute heart-stopper !

Get to know love-hate-thing :

That's NSM/BTD approved !
that's why there is a stamp on the picture ;)

Anyway, see you later people !