Hello, it's me ♪ lol jk. Miss me much ? Alright, Tribute season just began and I have a humongous amount of things to share. But first, let's continue with this Hotbuys column that I left aside last May.

I hated it at first sight ; too many bright, vitamin colors and I just can't right now. I think that if you're not in a mood for such vibrant colors, you feel like you're about to have a popsicle unicorn poop nightmare buffet (or you stared at a Katy Perry music video for a week - your choice). But, let's not be too extreme. Vibrant could be interesting as well. I have found some pieces that seems to be quite a nice catch. Let me ramble demonstrate this to you :

Here are what I bought :
the checkered sunset nightmare bag : bought to add some Vetements quirky irony to any outfit.
the bucket rainbow nightmare bag : bought for its graphic quality - but this is just a unicorn poop-picking fancy bucket.
the blood orange nightmare glasses : bought to evil-stare at the city on fire while sipping an Aperol Spritz cocktail and listening to the Walkyries.
the prairie wonderland nightmare bustier : bought because... I don't remember honestly - sorry.
the Valentino shoes : the only thing I was REALLY considering buying. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu** erm yep.

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Aperol Spritz are so 2015 but who cares I need one don't judge me okay ? - HB sunglasses + shoes.
2. I am a meanie IRL but I also like to milk my cows myself - HB bustier & Alexander Wang bag.
3. I love recycling unicorn poop it's the best roses fertilizer ever  - HB bags & Valentino tops.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.