No drugs were taken in the making of this article, I swear. I'm just writing these column in a single row. Yes, that's my fault, but yes, you'll have to go through this.

There is quite a lot of challenging pieces here ; weird shapes, odd materials... I don't know, your choice. But it's like everything, either the whole picture is perfect, or each piece taken separately is perfect - and that's somehow a reason why I admire the person (or people) behind the monthly hotbuys picture who succeed in putting them all together in two to three outfits. Beware, brain vomit ahead.

Here are what I bought :
the oversized denim jacket : big and chunky, always available for a hug. I have no more excuse to crave for a Bae.
the bra-bustier : yes it looks like that swimsuit from last month. Yes I don't need it. Of course I'm buying it.
the "Linda from HR"/Fendi keychain : that lady from that nearby desk gets on your nerves at work ? why not wearing a mini version of her 24/24 BECAUSE YOU'RE A FREAK AND A MASOCHIST ? lol jk it's just for voodoo.
the Yamamoto glasses : pretending to be a voice-over comedian for Korean documentaries isn't just a dream anymore. Thanks Yohji.
the denim bottoms : "is this a blanket or is this a sweater ?" commercial can be very easily transposed to that thing.
the two toned platforms : the seventies called, they want their platform back HAHAHAHA
the shiny pink shoes : look at them cuties !
the Miu Miu purse : looks like a joke, worn as a joke but secretly I'm seriously considering this is a masterpiece.

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. This chick is about to be praised for the weirdest Korean short film ever - HB sunglasses + top, Chanel coat & Dior shoes + pants.
2. This chick is about to release the less anticipated hard rock mixtape ever - HB short + jacket & Saint Laurent tights.
3. This chick is about to end her three year relationship to live her gardening fetich to the max - HB bag + keychain + shoes, Lanvin belt & D&G dress.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.


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