Still here, did I say last time that it was almost over, but when you saw that last article you're like LIAR ? yes I lied. Yes it's not over yet. Yes I'm a liar. Will you trust me when I say that it is not over yet ? Or won't you since I can't keep promises ? Wait I'm confused now..

Uhw, so breezy and WAIT : straw bags ! I haven't felt that rush to own them since kimonos are back in business. I have so many you can't walk in my room without putting your foot through one. Anyway, that big straw bag is truly perfect. Even if it's huge, I have a dozen of ideas to style this one ! For the thistle one, I'm a little bit less confident. It looks less "natural" but still, I love the idea of having something else than the usual cute flowers.

Here are what I bought :
the silk kimono : I HAVE THIS ONE IRL, best investment ever.
the round straw bag : my sister brought me one from Morocco, still can't figure out how to wear it outside the house.
the thistle straw bag : on a scale of 1 to 10, how cute is that thistle ? 1000.
the cat eye sunglasses : it's Linda again - see June Hotbuys.
the aviator shades : hello, I'm that Netflix murderer documentary guy from the 80's. I wear a mustache.
the tassel earring : no curtain joke pls.
the croco clogs : the only type of shoes that says their name when you walk with them. CLOG CLOG CLOG ok I'm out.

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Me at work today or "how my boss went ERROR 404 each time we met at the coffee machine" - HB kimono, Gucci earring & Dior shoes.
2. Tattoo mom also likes to make pies AND MILK HER OWN COW - HB shoes, bag, sunglasses + earring & Saint Laurent necklace + shorts.
3. Size matters - HB bag + sunglasses, Vera Wang dress, Chanel cape, Jean-Paul Gaultier & PPQ hat, Birkenstocks.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.