TRIBUTES - Gucci Pre+RW F/W 2017/18

Week #2 of tribute is here, and so our #2 tribute article ! Gucci is the new shop that has been released and.. gosh this is intense !

Gucci for me is a love-hate fashion house, either you do love it or you deeply hate it. I always loved non sense humor, and let me tell you, if it had to be applied to fashion, that is what non sense would definitely look like. The blend of texture, the mix of patterns and that overall quirkiness is key. As ever, I've made you a little compendium of the new collection from which this release was taken so you can have a better idea of what I meant. I would have love to be able to grab some of these pieces...

From left to right :
that insect pattern, that perfect suit, that flower skirt, that dress and OMG THAT TANK TOP !

RW F/W 17/18

From all of those outfits :
any piece of fur, animal embroidered and EVERY SINGLE BAG.

Pre-F/W 17/18

Moving on to the stardoll side, here's what I got from the shop. I fell in love with that sweater but I didn't really liked the girl version they made out of it... and it doesn't fit that bad on my doll so... I also would have loved that dress as only a tank top but you cannot be too picky am I right ? Oh, and that decor...

and here are my outfits !

1. Just a sip of Gucci - Gucci dress as a top.
2. Let me have a cup of Gucci - Gucci sweater.
3. Give me that Gucci jar right away ! - Gucci skirt + shoes.
4. DIVING IN A GUCCI BATH - Gucci glasses + cardigan + skirt + socks + shoes.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.


  1. Ahhh, cannot wait to see what YSL styling you got!

    1. haha happy to know that you're looking forward to this ! :) :) :) Definitely this week for the release I think :D x


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