Another day, another Hotbuys column. I have no clue how this can be interesting since it was relevant two months ago. Still, I'm in an evil mood today so sorry not sorry if this pollutes your blogspot feed - quick question : who really uses this ?

This June's release was more to my taste I must say ; muted and low profile colors, my jam. I think that my new job perverted my fashion sense : I had to trim the bleach of my hair, remove the neon colors and put transparent top-coatish nail polish, and stop wearing crazy t-shirts/skirts/shoes... no need to say that I never felt that lucky to love pitch black blazers ; so every time I see "classic" colors, I see some potential. Don't worry, I may start a nervous breakdown soon and I'll look like a human rainbow again in just a finger snap.

Here are what I bought :
the pompom earrings : I wish they were not a pair.. I'm wearing different earrings in the office, the only fashion freedom my boss did not noticed yet.
the straw bag : I always thought this is just going to be a phase... but that was before July arrived (wait for it...).
the stripes'n'lace mini dress : perfect. I would have adored it as a top tho.
the black swimsuit : the staple piece, and perhaps my new favorite body.
the D&G sunglasses : big round and crazy shiny. Kill me.
the open-toe sandals : is there anything more boring classic in this release - I don't think so.
the bowling creepers : bought them because Twin Peaks was having a revival and they almost look like Audrey Thorne's.

And here are the outfits that I've made with them :

1. Dad's little girl cannot figure out how to dress properly for a gig - HB dress as a top, Chanel earring & Dior shoes.
2. SHE BACK : THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER in boring colors - HB swimsuit, Chanel bangles & Balmain shoes.
3. Me next month if I'm still not allowed to put another color than black-blue-white - HB glasses, D&G coat, Sonia Rykiel top & Gucci shoes.

That's all !
So, what did you get ?

cheers, M.


  1. For stardoll I use the blogger feed all the time hahahha I would have missed this if i didn't! ;) You're still hilarious!

    1. i was going to write the same thing, but is not pollution, is paradise! love reading you haha

    2. haha good to know, I don't deserve you guys ! well, brace yourself, there are going to be articles every two days...

  2. Wait, is this May or June? Either way fantastic as always!

    1. haha thanks for noticing ! well, I started to wrote the article in May and ended it in June.. lol always producing quality content :D jk

  3. I love the little appearances of the graphic designer HAHAHHA


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