SHOPPING - Marc Jacobs Tribute

While everyone is reviewing the new Vinyl-Pearl-whatevs shops, I'm stuck with my Tribute stores... anyway, if you are already bored, skip this article ;)
So, the second on the list of this season's release was Marc Jacobs' Tribute. Dark, furry and emerald. Not my favorite Marc Jacobs collection, but I must admit I instantly fell in love with the fur pieces.

I missed the "last chance" deal for this shop ; still, I succeeded in gathering some very nice pieces, although I think I'll keep on buying more - like its gold-buckled black bag...

I love the spirit of this shop. Like Galliano's there is still that poetry-fantasy vibe. Here, it is actually darker and maybe a little bit more laid-back. I definitely like how thick the fabric looks, or how shinny and silky it feels like !

1. Great Dane from the Jade Island - Marc Jacobs trousers + Jean-Paul Gaultier belt.
2. Slouchy New Wave - Marc Jacobs coat and shoes + Celine skirt.
3. Swamp Gator Queen - Marc Jacobs shirt + Balmain skirt + Jimmy Choo pumps.
4. Daisy the Ballerina - Marc Jacobs skirt + Chanel shirt + PPQ pumps.

So, how did you feel about this shop ?
Did you buy any ?
until next time :



  1. The outfits are so great! *.*

    Love the mysterious vibes of the collection! I bought the furs and the oversized coat and I think they're 'must have' in my closet, they're so wearable!

    1. totally agree with you ! They look so versatile ;) x

  2. All the outfits are perfect! I hate myself for not buying more when I see posts like yours, but I really didn't like those tributes... I don't know, they are nothing my style :( I'm so impressed with what you did here! And also I love seeing what you buy, as I can picture your doll with literally everything you buy hahah

    I just got the leather jacket.. predictable i guess haha

    1. I think that they were all in the same gloomy vibe.. not my favorite tribute either ;) but I'm a compulsive buyer.. hahaha !
      and no, that's the only reasonable choice. You are the perfect "less is more" shopper ! x


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