SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 3 + 4 + 5.

It's been a while since I haven't bragged about FM-style's cycle 12, so here is the update article ! I'm currently working on task 6 - yes, still a contestant - so we're going to recap from task 3 to 5. Buckle your belt, here it comes !


gangsta's paradise
as they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool

"Urban" : my blood froze just by reading that word... and I was happy about the bonus point from last task - it's going to be helpful ! Anyway, my first thought went for the "gangsta" idea : I imagined some badass person, a "walking dead" Daryl, even a flawless punk kid. But I also knew instantly that wasn't what the judges were expecting, looking at their inspiration lookbook.
So I took a deep breath and tried to compose some outfits. The first batch was totally what I imagined : something between a mafia boss, the mastermind of ultra violence, and the roaming kid in the streets. But something was clearly missing here : that sporty vibe, the one that can allow to run in that outfit as well as just chilling at a friend's place.

I wasn't satisfied. I needed more : so I gave my doll a complete makeover, with some face piercings and a complete loose attitude. Still not convinced by the bag I used, although I'm kinda proud of the dress I chose here.

I was gone on holidays when the judges released their feedback, so I couldn't make a capture. But from what I remember, they were quite skeptical and they didn't liked that greenish shawl. It was make or break I guess...

But anyway. I'm going to introduce you my two favorite outfits of this task. On the judges' side, Mireia's was the one which made me doubt while making mine : it's the exact vibe I wanted to reach. On the contestants' side, Marta achieve what I couldn't : so comfy you want to hug that outfit, and so badass you don't want to meet her in the alley ! Well done !


hold my hand
is that a Beatles' song ? no ? it isn't ? oh ! ok.

I was just doing a quick stop at home in between two holidays - you know, laundry - when I saw that task. What can I say : there are few things in this fashion world that bug me, and one of them is the bag. I don't know why but I literally struggle when it comes to coordinate that to an outfit... hence the fact that my all time favorite is the DVF foldover one (you know, black, small, invisible : my vision of a perfect bag). And since I'm here to brag about my views on life, you must be aware that I don't carry one when I go out. Yes, I'm a very minimalistic person on that matter (that's mostly surprising people actually).

So, I had no idea on how to drag attention to a bag. First thing that came in mind : don't use one when you can use two. Then find a color scheme that is radically different from your bags to make the outfit. Next step is the little color touches linking the bags to the outfit.
As you may guess, the black and white outfit wasn't enough. When I tried on that sweater, I noticed that the arrow showed the bags, so I decided to use more - I know, it's kinda childish - to emphasize the bags. This is how this outfit happened to exist.

My two favorite outfits for this task where Lucy's one - love that dino, it's like "I put that here like it's so important but I don't really care actually" -, and Jovana's one - the color touches on the shoes and the bag.. perfection. Congrats !


no money
ain't no rest for the wicked, money don't grow on trees

Remember that article with me in my car in front of McDonald's, hungry for wifi ? that task was the main the reason why this situation occurred. Anyway, how can I explain what's coming here : there are few things in the fashion world.. you get the picture. This cycle is getting very very hard but, I mean, VERY VERY challenging. Urban, bags and now.. no money ? ok. You want to test me (rolling my sleeves up), prepare yourselves.

The true challenge for me wasn't the money limit, but the Starplaza condition. I feel so insecure about an outfit when I'm out of my cosy closet - which I know by heart etc. etc. - and into the very hostile shops of Stardoll. Dressing up for 35sd is quite a challenge today, since all the clothing - even in the crappiest corners of the shops - are almost all above 10sd each. So I went for staples and basics and I'm kinda proud of my sandals + bag + sweater mix.

I feel Judith's disappointment too... But I'm home now, with more time to work on my task instead of just salvage it. Anyway, here are my favorite outfits of this task. Mireia for the judges : so many jewelry here ! and Jovana for the contestants : only four pieces but such a big effect ! Bravo !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..