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Hello everyone ! I know it's a little bit late, but let's do a quick recap of this tribute season - although this article will be mostly about me bragging about things. So, SD released a nice treat to begin this season : a true vintage John Galliano tribute. If you read this blog, you might know that I started to get interested in fashion with Balmain in 2006 ; but if I have to show you the first silhouette that actually hooked me, it would be this one from a Galliano runway in 2009 :

I can't really tell you why, but a lot of things moved me on this outfit : I loved the texture, the sheerness of the fabric, that green color - I hate it today tho - and that funny hat.. Or maybe it was their general oddness : all those Galliano models wore a non-streetstyle makeup that gave them an instant vintage look - even "historical" look should be more accurate to talk about this. They could have looked like they are in disguise, but I think that it's giving them a delicate vibe.

So, SD provided us some vintage before-scandal Galliano. I really liked this collection, although this is not what I actually love about Galliano : I needed more sheerness, more mermaid-shaped dresses or schoolgirl-tailored outfits and weird sienna-mustard colors. 

And if I may add a little bit more, this tribute made me hungry for more. This is - thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted blog - some post-scandal Galliano outfits. Although this designer went from up and downs, I feel that his genius is still here.. and it is actually growing with today's trends : the mini dress, the V necks and the oversized short-coats...

OK, enough bragging. Here is what I bought :

And here are the outfits I've made with those items. I feel like my inspiration took the "drama" path in this batch, and my outfits are a little bit more extreme. I really love how those kind of designers challenge my creativity !

1. Almost casual - Galliano dress.
2. Yes I'm going to a party, no you are not invited - Galliano dress skirt + boots, Saint Laurent blazer.
3. I used to be a financial analyst, but that was before - Galliano trousers, Vivienne Westwood shirt, Lanvin purse.
4. The bigger : the better - Galliano coat, Gucci trousers, Versus shoes.

That's it !
So, what are your thoughts on this shop ?
What did you enjoy/disliked about it ?
Cheers x



  1. Oh! So interesting! For me it was Balmain 2011 that got me into fashion! I've never been a fan of Galliano, not before the scandal and not after, but I can understand why people like it (if you know what I mean). It's like it's not for me. However I enjoyed reading this so much and your outfits are incredible, specially the second one! Didn't buy anything from the collection though hehe

    1. haha I feel like this designer is like Marmite, either you love it or you don't like it... I usually put him in the same category as Christian Delacroix : so incredible but so unwearable ! and thanks lovely ;) it's my favorite too !


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