SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 7.

Ready for our weekly competition update ?

who let the dogs out ?
who ? who ? who ? who ?

Another challenge ! This is like the most advanced themed task we had. I think that the main key to success is to find the right inspiration, which means the right dog. In my case, even if I'm a sloth-goldfish-racoon person, I've always felt like the perfect dog for me, 101 dalmatians style, would be a corgi. Small, smart (lolz), a fine gourmet and a fancy-foxy head. But impersonating a corgi on my doll would be like literally shooting a bullet in my foot.. I needed a more fashionable dog.

That's when the idea of a poodlesque outfit came to my mind. They still have the fun vibe of the corgi, but they - for me - look much fancier and ready for fashion.

These are the outfits I made for the task. I think that the most important part of them is the haircut ; all I needed to do then was to find a way to add some fur and volume. Attempt number one missed the balance of the volumes, but I wasn't fully satisfied by attempt number two either : I couldn't figure out what to do with the legs. Still, I really dug that pastel pink color, so I chose number two.

Here are the judges' commentaries :

That's ok.. but they also pointed out the weak bottom of my outfit. Still, I'm going on ;)

Now, let's see what everyone did. I loved the judges inspiration outfits. Mireia's is just the perfect copy of the dog, and Rawan followed that Dalmatian's vibe to the perfection ! 

On the contestants' side, Kelly's looks so snuggly, just like a dog you're happy to meet at home when you come back from a long harassing workday ! I also adore Sia's ; she chose the same dog as Mireia and she gave a completely different interpretation of it ! Beautiful !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..



  1. Wow! Attempt number 1 was pretty amazing! :O
    Love your recaps M xx

    1. thanks munchkin ;) a bit too fluffy for me ! but that was a goooooooood challenge !
      Love your comments M xx


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