Hello everyone's favorite column of the month ! haha just kidding. Actually, if I stop to that one, I might reach my average number of articles per month... but I won't ; we have so much to cover up and so much silly chat to do - well, to write down - here. But don't get used to the daily articles ; my schedule isn't fixed yet - and probably never will.

OK so, let's talk about pixelated clothing. I don't know how to feel about this month release. On one hand, I'm frowning. On the other hand, there are a very nice pleated part of the dress and pyjamas. 

I shouldn't have bought anything, but I ended up with these. Also, believe me : the earrings are accidental. HAHA. So here are the reasons why they ended up in my closet :
- the pleated dress : that skirt part is perfect - and I actually wish it was just a skirt.
- the pyjama shirt : the bottom part wasn't that interesting, and wearing that as a combo is.. boring.
- the bra : always useful, that silver detail could enhance an outfit with other silver pieces.
- the platforms : the cork is perfect, but I still don't know what I'm going to do with those...
- the earrings : no comment.

Just a quick warning : I haven't lost my abilities to compose an outfit - did I used to have some ? meh.  I just went a little bit crazy with patterns.. nothing to get concerned about, really ! Actually, the pyjama shirt sent me to the Florida shirt path ; once it popped into my mind, it's impossible to get rid off. I'll have to deal with that for the rest of my life. Lolz.

1. August means Autumn is getting close ; better be ready... - HB dress skirt & DKNY shoes.
2. If Satan had an holiday outfit, it would probably look like this - HB shirt & PPQ bag.
3. Whatever happened here.. a goth princess at the beach maybe ? - HB bra, PPQ hat & Chloé shrug.

No, I know what I inadvertently had in mind :



  1. The outfit in the middle is my favourite! That prints mix is brilliant *.*

    1. haha it is mine too ;) it's just so odd I can't help but loving it ! It reminds me so much of Ace Ventura, and I was a big fan when I was young :D thanks Marta ! xx

  2. OMG! Those outfits! :O I'm in love with every single one of them! I agree with Marta about the genius way of mixing those prints! What happened with the earrings? Hahaha And I have to say that for me, IT IS one of my favorites sections ;) xx

    1. You're such a little minx Mireia :D hehe glad you liked them, thanks C: haha I hate when the month is over and I have to deal with this column, but I have so much fun with it.. a true love-hate relationship ! :D xx

  3. ahahaha these outfit names are killing me

    1. huh number two is my favorite :D glad you like them !


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