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Hello hello hello everyone ! I'm back from my unwanted internet break, and we have a lot to catch up ! I hope you had a very sunny (or wintery if you're in the South hemisphere) month of July ! I mostly went on unplanned trips to Eastern Europe, and ended up with getting my very first job ! But, be reassured, being a serious adult won't take away my very passionate and stupid blogging skills ;)

So, we're back on tracks with a new shopping article. I tried to do this in order of apparition, but I'm old ; don't expect that to be fully respected...
Subcouture. I think I'm turning insane and I'm seeing the seventies everywhere. Almost each month, I feel like there is a booster shot that stuck me in this decade. But still, I must admit this is a new face of the seventies : the disco-fever one. Turtlenecks, bell-bottoms, sparkles, gold touches...

I felt like this collection was both different and just as the others. There are some very good pieces, but there are also some that can be forgotten. The first item that I absolutely loved (and that must be because I saw it on one of Marta's FM-style tasks) was this washed mustard turtleneck long dress. It's so odd but also very interesting ! everything about it is raising questions : that slit ? that color ? that texture ? I just love it ! There are also some basics : the tights (I love that line), the shirt (that bow), the trousers (suits perfectly the doll), that blazer (it's black and I love black blazer don't ask me why)... The bags are simple and have good details - same for the shoes.

Moving on to the outfits : I created this "high ponytail" hairstyle (combining alechave's and sorigugu's wigs) to give a sassy and "ready to roller-skate" vibe. This batch isn't really about the seventies and the disco-thing, because if I do anything seventies again, I'll definitely need a therapy.

1. Daisies all over me - Subcouture jacket + D&G daisies.
2. Statement - Subcouture shirt, Miu Miu skirt + Cheap Monday boots.
3. Most rentable shirt ever - freebie shirt + Subcouture trousers.
4. Beware Marta, here I come ! - Subcouture dress.

goodbye seventies,
you won't be missed.

caption : me as Diana Rigg, the wet shirt guy as the seventies. Guess who's holding the gun...



  1. LOVE "Most rentable shirt ever"! And the shirt is definitely amazing? Where did it came from? I have never seen it before!!

    1. haha I have so many freebies dying in my closet, but I use this one as if it was from a limited store.. definitely cherishing it ! but I can't remember actually where it came from.. something like a summer pass or a summer gift-o-meter from last year - the one with the "vip" ticket necklaces that were so odd I think..
      haha and I'm glad you liked them ;) thanks Judith :* xx


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