SPOTLIGHT - Cycle 12, task 6.

Hello hello ! Time to talk about our weekly FM-style task !

#000000 & #FFFFFF
it doesn't matter if your black or white

I am still not confident when I'm working on a task. Black and white speak to me, but I don't think that the first ideas that popped into my mind were actually what is expected of my outfit. I'm the kind of person who would do everything black with white touches or everything white with black touches ; but it needs here to be more 50/50.

Alexa Chung is my guru when I need to find some guidelines. Here are some of her outfits that helped me focusing on the task. Patterns, textures, lengths, but my search was all about color balance...

Also - here are some personal information - Netflix released Doctor Who's ninth season and I'm totally binge-watching it because : 1. it's sci-fi, 2. it's actually good, 3. Clara's outfits. And I literally became obsessed with this sweater (as seen on Alexa too) - I think it's Valentino but I'm not sure

Here is what I've made : I tried to recreate that Alexa/Clara sweater using a white blouse and a plain black sweater. I added a black skirt so the black sweater looks more like a dress, and I layered it with white shirts to give depth to the outfit, so we can imagine the collar is linked to it. This composition looks a bit religious though, I had to break that idea, so I added some contrasting pieces such as this Ann Demeulemeester jacket which has a very interesting strings part. 
The only issue I encountered was the bag part. All my bags had some gold bits on them, and I wanted a strict back and white outfit ; the bag I ended up using was this Sonia Rykiel one, but the problem was to hide the big red lips on it.. so I added some black tights. This is the only thing I kinda regret about this outfit...

So, here are the judges' feedbacks :

I feel comforted about this ! But I'm still expecting some very challenging future tasks.. better be ready !

Now a little shout-out ! This time, it was hard for me to choose only one outfit. So, on the judges side, we have Rawan and Mireia - I love Rawan's use of the dots and how Mireia styled those trousers !

On the contestants' side, it is a little bit different. I'm literally in love with Sia's outfit - all the codes that I like are in it : the boxy blazer, the geometric patterns, the V neck and the mid-length hair... gorgeous ! But I also admire Val's classiness here.. and this Marc Jacobs jacket suits perfectly the rest of the outfit !

That's it for the update !
Who were your favorites ?
What would you have done ?
Until next time..



  1. So interesting to see how you arrived to your final entry! You did a great job, can't wait to see this week's task! ;) x

    1. haha thanks ! it's Sunday but I feel like I'm waiting forever for the results task 7 ! haha it's always the same when I do a task I'm so not sure about ! but still, I'm really amaze with the challenge you give us, this cycle is really interesting and pushing the limits !!


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