Ah, Runway ! My new favorite limited store. I mean, LE is still number one, but Runway keeps failing in upsetting me. "Inspired by" and mostly "upcoming designers" are candy to my ears ; I just can't resist ! So when I logged, starting a fresh new month with mighty internet back, and came across this new release.. It helped me cope with the fact that I forgot to buy from those disappeared tribute stores (yes McQueen and Marc Jacobs, I'm talking about you !).

Well, as I wasn't aware of the release, I missed quite few things : that D&G satin top and those socks for instance. But I managed to put my hands on some very satisfying pieces :
- the Erdem dress : I'm following that brand for a while now, I just find so poetic !
- the Valentino dress : one of my favorites (you should follow agameofclothes on tumblr btw)..
- the Chanel hat : always useful and wide so my doll can fit her big head in it !

I know this isn't a huge haul. But I must say - and this is something I oddly like about Runway - that I feel like they privilege quality over quantity. I always end up by buying a couple of pieces, but I love their detailing and texture...
Oh and, by the way, I know that Valentino dress isn't like the one I thought about, but still, I get the idea. Thanks SD ! You did well !

OK, let's move on to the outfits :

1. Swinging Victorian Era : Erdem dress and Anna Sui lingerie.
2. Spot the black spot : Valentino dress.
3. Back from Cuba : Chanel hat, Chloé blazer and Cheap Monday boots (!).

what do you think about this collection ?
Did you buy any ?
Who is your favorite designer at the moment ?

and I leave you with some Alexa wearing Erdem.